Innovative Green Technologies
& Movements Competition
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IGTMC is hosted by
International Environmental Technology Lab (IETL),
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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IGTMC is a distinguished competition that challenges high school students to connect the dots between research, technology, and policy to solve the most complicated environmental problems that our world faces today.

International Enviromental Technology Laboratory

IGTMC is hosted by The International Environmental Technology Laboratory (IETL) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
The competition focuses on developing environmental technologies and policies to solve real-world problems. Join us in finding practical solutions to the environmental problems by participating in this exclusive competition offered and judged by the team at the IETL.

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Competition Rules

2020 IGTMC Prompt for All Categories:

Select an environmental issue that concerns you. Present a potential solution (or solutions) to this issue. This solution may entail a scientific idea, technological innovation, and/or change to policy.

IGTMC offers awards in the following categories:

Category #1: Research Paper Competition

Submit a research paper up to 1,200 words in length along with an abstract fewer than 250 words.

Category #2: Environmental Technology Makerthon

Make a prototype. You may use any methods or materials to create the prototype. Then submit the YouTube video link (less than 3 minutes) that explains how it works.
*The participant may choose enter one or both categories.

IGTMC 2020 deadline is September 16th 23:59 EST.

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Evaluation Criteria

IGTMC evaluates the entries on 3 main criteria. The first criterion is the validity and feasibility of the innovative idea. Also, all data, facts, and technical detail contained should be credible and logical. Lastly, the content should demonstrate creativity.

All entries will be evaluated by the members of IETL.

Detailed evaluation criteria and judging panel


IGTMC gives out a total of 30 or more prizes to participants.
Due to the overwhelming responses we’ve received in the past, we expect to give out about 20 awards in Category #1 (Research Paper) and 10 to 15 awards in Category #2 (Makerthon).

IGTMC is a great way to become recognized as a future engineer, entrepreneur, or activist in disciplines such as environmental engineering or environmental studies.

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Innovative Green Technologies & Movements Competition